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Terry GilliamTerry Gilliam
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27 Aug 10
Arcade Fire saves Terry Gilliam from depression

As reported, Arcade Fire, the Canadian indie-rock band, saved Terry Gilliam from depression caused by the never-ending production process of the film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Gilliam took to directing a broadcast of the Canadians' concert at Madison Square Garden. The performance is related to promoting the album The Suburbs. It was held on the 5th August. The NH festival's friend and film critic Kuba Mikurda saw the trailer for Arcade Fire's concert, made by followers of the Quay Brothers - Clyde Henry Productions - displays familiar motifs, the same characteristic way of leading the camera, breath-taking zoom-ins and zoom-outs on the surface of objects and a fixation on details.

One of the retrospectives of the 11th NH festival (21-31 July 2011) will focus on Terry Gilliam.

Trailer of the concert (Clyde Henry)

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