Spark of Being, dir. Bill MorrisonSpark of Being, dir. Bill Morrison
On The Edge

discoveries, experiments, author’s films, very often ‘on the edge’ of the commonly acknowledged forms and acceptable subjects

Our On The Edge section will showcase Bill Morrison's new project entitled Spark of Being, with music by Dave Douglas. This time, the director offers us a nostalgic treatise on the nature of creation. The starting point here is the story of Doctor Frankenstein and his monster, and the author presents his own version of the classic tale about an act of creation that comes out of hand. Morrison digs up some rotting and damaged pieces of film, sticking them together and thus giving them life.

Jake Yuzna's film Open (based on the life of Genesis P-Orridge) crossed some borders which cinema had not crossed before. In his film, Yuzna refers to the pandrogyny idea popularized by the protagonist, involving the transgression of gender borders: it is an attempt to create a hermaphroditic creature, mostly by surgical and medical interventions.

During the first edition of the AFF we are going to see Sharon Lockhart's last movie Double Tide where the author, who continues to tell the story of physical labor, watches a clam digger on the coast of Maine.

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