Two Escobars, dir. Jeff & Michael ZimbalistTwo Escobars, dir. Jeff & Michael Zimbalist
American Docs

the most important documentary productions of the season, showing predominantly America in the XXI century

The American Docs section will include And Everything Is Going Fine, the first feature length documentary by Steven Soderbergh, the director of Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989), winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes and Oscar nominee. This intimate portrait of Spalding Gray, an actor-experimenter and Soderbergh's friend, is composed entirely of archive footage, taken for instance from family albums never made available before.

Adrian Grenier's Teenage Paparazzo tells the story of 13-year old Austin Visschedyk, roaming the streets of Los Angeles on his BMX chasing pop stars and starlets: the film discusses the popular paparazzi theme, but from a slightly different point of view. Appearances by Whoopi Goldberg, Matt Damon, Eva Longoria Parker or the celebrity Paris Hilton add color to the documentary.

As part of the American Docs section, there will be a screening of Two Escobars by Jeff and Michael Zimbalist, about the secret ties between crime and sports, telling the story of Andrés Escobar (a Colombian soccer star) and Pablo Escobar (perhaps even better known), boss of the largest drug cartel in Colombia. The story of the two Escobars was hailed as the most ambitious film at the Tribeca Film Festival (New York Times) and a "saga of Shakespearian proportions" (Huffington Post).


The films that will have their Polish premieres in the SPECTRUM and AMERICAN DOCS sections will take part in the competition; the audience will vote for the best picture in two categories: fiction and documentary.

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