At the movies or on your laptop? How we will watch films: the future of film distribution

I a situation when a laptop screen more and more often replaces cinema screen, during a debate run by "Przekrój" by its journalists Małgorzata Sadowska and Karolina Pasternak - we will discuss whether internet is an ally of film art or its greatest threat. We will try to analyze how, along with technological revolution, evolves film distribution and if there are any changes to the way films are received by public. Finally we will try to see how internet can help independent film productions and what role film festivals play in their distribution.

Hosts: Karolina Pasternak, Małgorzata Sadowska (Przekrój weekly)

Klubogaleria Szajba, 2/4 Św. Antoniego Street

Thursday, Oct 21, 5 p.m.

How to write for the screen and not die of hunger

The screenwriting panel discussion is organized with the International Scriptwriters Festival Interscenario and the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, University of Wrocław.

Chair: Michał Chaciński (American Studies specialist, journalist, film critic)

Sala Wielka Zachodnia, Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, University of Wrocław, 15 Joliot Curie Street

Friday, Oct 22, 12:00

During the panel, scriptwriters and directors representing the youngest generation of American independent cinema (guests at the American Film Festival) will meet some veterans working in the USA for many years (including the Oscar nominee Anna Thomas, author of the screenplay for the movie Frida), and share experiences related to screenwriting. The Q&A will focus on how to write, select a target audience, and avoid being a starving film journalist.

Special bonus: Polish Film Institute representative will present practical solutions for Polish-American co-production.

Does America exist? Reality beyond the screen and documentary film in the USA

Documentary film panel discussion

Chair: Wojciech Orliński (Gazeta Wyborcza journalist, film critic, author of the book Ameryka nie istnieje [America Doesn't Exist], published by Pascal, 2010)

Klubogaleria Szajba, 2-4 Św. Antoniego Street

Saturday, Oct 23, 12:00

Authors of documentaries screened at the AFF visiting Wrocław (Jennilyn Merten and Tyler Measom - Sons of Perdition, Chuck Workman - Visionaries) will discuss their experiences as directors and producers (political and social realities, as well as the documentary filmmaking industry in the USA).

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