All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, dir. Tim RutiliAll My Friends Are Funeral Singers, dir. Tim Rutili
All My Friends Are Funeral Singers (2010)

Paranormal activity is a matter of fact in All My Friends are Funeral Singers (2010) - to the extent that parts of it pose as a video shot by one of the ghosts (take that, Oren Peli). Tim Rutili's whimsical first feature focuses on a psychic reader Zel (Angela Bettis), quietly plying her trade in a house she shares with a posse of spirits. All clad in white, they're seen only by Zel and the audience. Occasionally rebellious against what they call imprisonment, the gang seems rather bored most of the time. They dabble in music, they shoot a video documentary, play trivia games, and discuss their post-mortem, though never shown, sex lives (and their earthly lives, as well). "I hung myself by my something blue", says the corpse-bride in a deadpan voice, thus establishing the movie's droll (but only partly amusing) tone.

Michał Oleszczyk: All My Friends are Funeral Singers (2010, Rutili)

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