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18 Jul 11
Mikurda and Woynarowski's lecture Gilliam's Atlas or the compendium of all the rare things

Sunday, 24th July 16.00, Teatr Lalek

An explorer of Terry Gilliam's world should be a geographer rather than a historian. An attempt to comment on Gillian's films only by means of words seems to be paradoxical. Both the temperament of the director (who is the architect of worlds rather than a storyteller) and the excessive sensuality of his creations do not meet the requirements of textual linear narration. An in-depth analysis of the director's universe allows us to see a "meaningful" web woven from the threads of tensions, analogies, visual quotations and erudite references organised around central points of this symbolic topography, hidden behind the surface of the plot. Moreover, in most of Gilliam's worlds there is a metaphorical "book of film", manifesting itself as maps, notepads, boards (filled with notes and newspaper clippings), chests containing collections of significant items, altars (made of personal memorabilia), and paranoid plans recreating links between people, items and places.

During the lecture, Kuba Mikurda (the editor of the Wunderkamera. Kino Terry'ego Gilliama collection) and Jakub Woynarowski (the author of the visual book concept) will present and comment on illustrations, diagrams and maps, which are an attempt of graphic analysis of the director's artistic outcome.

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