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Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Terry Gilliam’s Personal Best , The Wholly Family
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mistrz! koniecznie!
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Jest ryzyko przesytu.
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nieee, "storytime" jest na yt, perelki to niewiele wiecej niz filmowa antologia, a "swietna rodzine" moge sobie darowac.
~ blyszczacyszesciostrzal
dir. Terry Gilliam / UK 1968 / 9’
subtitles: Polish

Film description

The first animation by Gilliam released as a stand-alone whole, consists of several episodes with stream of consciousness narration and disjointed associations. Storytime includes the outlandish tales of cockroach Dan, Albert Einstein (not that Einstein) and his unmanageable hands, a dance gig by Fred and Frank (talented working class feet), and a peep behind the scenes of Christmas postcards (born of Gilliam’s visits to London Tate Gallery archives, where he sifted through piles of Victorian postcards). Produced for the Do Not Adjust Your Set TV series, it features the director’s characteristic animation using paper cut outs (book, newspaper or classic art print clippings) merged with the director’s own drawings. In addition to unabashedly surreal humour, note Gilliam’s distinctive use of space outside the shot.

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