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To juz klasyka! ...najwazniejszy film mojej mlodosci. Oczywiscie trzeba miec jakias odrobine bystrosci... i uwaznie ogladac przemycone w filmie "smaczki"
~ wroclawnik
może być dobre, jak starczy czasu, terry gilliam, humor
~ courty
byc moze...
~ psubrat
Śmieszne, chyba tak; albo się zawiodę..
~ mademoiselletimide
mam na kompie
~ bejbelove
latwy do zdobycia (nawet yt)
~ blyszczacyszesciostrzal
oglądałem, rewelacja
~ wks
dir. Terry Gilliam / UK 1977 / 105’
subtitles: Polish


Michael Palin, Anette Badland, Max Wall, Deborah Fallender, John le Mesurier, Harry H. Corbett, Rodney Bewes, Dave Prowse, Bernard Bresslaw, Derek Francis, Alexandra Dane, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones

Film description

A poacher wanders through the forest and collects small, struggling animals from his traps. Soon, the camera closes in on his frightened face just before he becomes the prey and most recent meal of the titular monster. This is how Gilliam initiates us into his vaguely medieval world, which is ridiculously funny, scary and disgusting. As the action unfolds, Gilliam provides us with a whole array of dark-age attractions: a decaying kingdom overwhelmed with fear of the Jabberwocky, innkeepers spoiling for fights, buxom wenches, religious fanatics, a princess trapped in a tower and a bloody knights’ tournament – all wallowing in mud, soiled water and filth. Tense scenes dominate the story with ingenious visual effects: the attentive viewer will spot references to Breughel, Bosch and Caravaggio. Scatological humour, pure nonsense and satire (some critics noted scathing references to Thatcherism) accompany discreet nods to Pasolini, Bergman (flagellators marching to the tune of Dies Irae) and Tarkowski. Notable cameos include the director himself, who appears as a man with a stone confronting the main character, as well as a knight played by David Prowse – none other than Darth Vader of Star Wars, which was being shot in London at the same time.

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