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01 Jun 11
Hors Satan, the new film by Bruno Dumont in the 11th International Film Festival New Horizons

Hit of the 11th International Film Festival New Horizons - the long awaited retrospective of Bruno Dumont's creation will include the latest film that had its premiere was shown at the Cannes Festival (Un Certain Regard) - Hors Satan with David Dewaele (Flandria, Hadewijch) and Alexandra Lemâtre as the leading characters.

The landscape of the northern coast of France - Pas de Calais region called Côte d'Opale where the director spent time in his childhood served as an inspiration for Dumont's film script. The landscape, as in Dumont's previous films, is a reflection of internal experiences of the protagonists - the man living in the wilderness and the girl from the nearby farm who takes care of him. When asked about the mysticism that his previous film Hadewijch was impregnated with the director replies "I think Hors Satan goes much further. In Hadewijch it was still anchored in the traditional religion, including Catholicism. Here we have a much more contemporary approach to sanctity. There is no God any more; the film's main character prays, but we do not know to whom, what - to the surrounding world or landscape. Today we are in such a point. We need the sacred, but it is filled with a vacuum."

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