Bruno Dumont
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18 May 11
Extreme Bruno Dumont in Cannes

"Dumont's Outside Satan, shown in Certain Regard section, is an extreme experience, the film by the author who perversely confronts all that is the lowest, primitive, crazy, corporeal, disgusting in humanity, with the history of salvation, combined with deity. The same actor who saved a woman lost in a mystical madness in Hadewijch, Dumont's previous movie, now is openly similar to Jesus, although on the other hand he is a man of flesh - a criminal, but "outside Satan", outside of the evil. He prays, works miracles, and heals. Bur at the same time he is jealous in the likeness of the Old Testament God, is capable of killing when freeing the girl from her persecutors. He is a vagabond, who makes fire on Flandrian dunes. Followed by a girl in love, plain, but fascinating, just like that landscape that Dumont always goes back to. A viewer is forced to contemplate this average landscape, reminding Zona from Stalker. We cannot unravel who he is - a man or a God - since he has a whole range of qualities attributed to both. We can put it otherwise - he is terrifyingly human".

Tadeusz Sobolewski: Kaurismaki, Hazanovicius and Dumont in Cannes

Outside Satan (cineuropa)

Outside Satan (Variety)

Outside Satan (screendaily)

The retrospective of Bruno Dumont's works will be watched during 11th MFF Nowe Horyzonty.

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