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nieporadny detektyw
~ szelmek
Zwolniłem tempo akcji, ograniczyłem dialogi do minimum, dochodzenie postawiłem w miejscu, a policjantów pozbawiłem energii, przekonania i umiejętności
~ negrin
Meczacy film i męczące aktorstwo.
~ ck466j9z
nie dam rady, a szkoda
~ courty
mozna na tym sprawdzic dumonta, ale jesli rywale beda mocni, darowac sobie
~ blyszczacyszesciostrzal
Ludzkość? Chyba karaluszość jakaś..Nabędę DVD i będę się karać tym filmem za grzechy ciężkie.
~ biankalew
koniecznie, ale dopiero po festiwalu
~ wks
widziałem, bardzo polecam
~ humbak
polecam, dla mnie najlepszy film Dumonta.
~ psubrat
dir. Bruno Dumont / France 1999 / 148’
subtitles: Polish and English


Emmanuel Schotté, Séverine Caneele, Philippe Tullier


Cannes IFF 1999 – Grand Prize of the Jury, Best Actress, Best Actor

Film description

This film is considered to be Dumont’s best and artistically most accomplished work. In describing this antithesis of the detective story, the director said that he slowed down the pace of the action, limited dialogues to a minimum, froze the investigation and deprived the police of energy, conviction and skills (‘Kino’ 2000, no. 12). Dumont thus transfers the audience’s attention from the potentially thrilling plot to the metaphor of human existence that he deploys.

Humanity’s protagonist lives with his mother in Bailleul, Flanders. Like many of Dumont’s characters, detective Pharaon de Winter is modelled on a real, unprepossessing individual (Emmanuel Schotté) who caught the director’s eye. Schotté’s face is written with past love and loss, while his silhouette, awkward speech and movements, betray a sensitivity to the surrounding world. Pharaon spends his free time with his neighbour Domino, whom he secretly loves, and her boyfriend Joseph. But at work he is trying to solve the brutal rape and murder of an 11-year old girl. Confronted by a world of grief and cold reality, he begins to carry everyone’s sins on his conscience, facing evil in the only way he can understand.

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