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20 Jul 10
W.J. Has: a competition with book prizes

In connection with the full retrospective of Wojciech Jerzy Has, we propose a brief competition with prizes. From among those who answer at least two out of the three questions below correctly (note: we assume that question no. 3 is a must!), we will draw for three books Zaszyfrowane w obrazie by Iwona Grodź (słowo / obraz terytoria, 2009).

Competition questions:

  1. Where did outdoor shooting take place for The Saragossa Manuscript?

  2. What is the full name of the most important film set designer Has collaborated with, for example in making The Hour-Glass Sanatorium?

  3. Who played the role of Cabalist in The Saragossa Manuscript and what films is that actor known for?

We are waiting for your answers until 27 July. Send them to has@nowehoryzonty.pl. We will announce the winners on 28 July at 11:00 am during the discussion panel dedicated to W.J. Has (introduced and moderated by Tadeusz Lubelski).

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