John Cassavetes
07 Sep 10
John Cassavetes retrospective program announced

The first edition of AFF will screen a full retrospective of works by John Cassavetes (1929-1989), director, actor and screenwriter, the most eminent independent filmmaker in the US movie industry alongside Orson Welles.

We invite you to read the program of the retrospective and the film descriptions, written by Elżbieta Durys from the Department of American Studies and Mass Media at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, University of Łódź. Her research focuses on film history, cultural anthropology, culture theory and gender studies. She has published articles in Studia Filmoznawcze [Film Studies], Kwartalnik Filmowy [Film Quarterly] and some collective works: Wizerunki kobiet i mężczyzn w kulturze [Representing Gender in Culture, 2005], Kino amerykańskie. Dzieła [American Cinema: The Works, 2006], Kino amerykańskie. Twórcy [American Cinema: The Authors, 2007]; she also wrote the book Mieliśmy tu mały problem... o twórczości Johna Cassavetesa [Just a Little Problem That Came Up… The Works of John Cassavetes, 2009].

John Cassavetes retrospective

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