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A Child Is Waiting
dir. John Cassavetes / USA 1963 / 102’
subtitles: Polish


Burt Lancaster, Judy Garland, Gena Rowlands, Steven Hill, Bruce Ritchey, Gloria McGehee, Paul Steward

Film description

While still in postproduction of Too Late Blues Paramount offered Cassavetes a seven-year contract for two pictures a year. The film’s flop and difficulties in communicating over the next one caused Paramount to rethink its offer. Therefore, when Stanley Kramer wanted Cassavetes to direct his movie, they agreed. Kramer was very influential in Hollywood at the time. His independent productions eagerly touched painful subjects like racial issues or judgment of Nazi war criminals and was famous for his problem dramas. Burt Lancaster convinced Kramer to employ Cassavetes as director for A Child Is Waiting.

The film is shot on location in an institution for mentally handicapped children, using real patients, a very progressive decision at the time. Cassavetes wanted to focus on how the kids live and interact. Kramer, on the other hand, wanted to draw attention to the romantic plot between Dr. Clark (Lancaster) and a new teacher (Judy Garland). After promises to the contrary, Kramer edited the entire film the way he wanted leading to a legendary confrontation after the preview. Cassavetes pushed Kramer against a wall, demanding removal of his name from the credits. Accounts differ on whether Cassavetes struck Kramer, though the director claims he was too cautious and thoughtful to do so. Regardless, relegated to television work for years, he did not work on the big screen again until 1967.

Elżbieta Durys

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