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krótkometrażówki Munka o codziennym życiu - może być ciekawie, jak tylko starczy czasu
~ courty
Genialny! Polecam.
~ Nutogama
Eroica. Con bravura
dir. Andrzej Munk / Poland 1957 / 32’
subtitles: English


Tadeusz Janczar, Teresa Szmigielówna, Witold Pyrkosz, Roman Polański, Mieczysław Wałkowski, Julian Dziedzina, Andrzej Munk, Paweł Komorowski, Jerzy Skolimowski, Józef Krzeptowski, Ewa Wichura, Barbara Połomska, Stanisław Wawrytko, Maciej Popieluch

Film description

Originally, Munk intended Eroica to be a triptych with Con bravura being the first part, but he ultimately gave up on this film, deeming it weaker artistically than the two counterparts.

Con bravura is about conspiracy conflating the paths of a rather unconventional nun and an intrigued young man – each of them bears secrets and the encounter could incite a flaming romance, though one suffocated by war.

Munk set the film in the mountain capital of Zakopane and vicinity, allowing breathtaking views from a cable car and using his experiences of the Nazi occupation in the area to add gritty reality. The director plays a cameo as a priest with several of his industry friends also making appearances.

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