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The Art of the Young
Sztuka młodych
dir. Andrzej Munk & students from PWSF in Łódź / Poland 1949 / 15’
subtitles: English

Film description

The credits describe this, Munk’s graduation thesis shot while at the Lodz Film School Faculty of Directing, as the collaborative work of fourth year students. This propaganda documentary is an account of the 1st National Show of Artistic Schools held in Poznań, where reportedly, one had to walk 8 km to see all the exhibitions of painting, sculpture, theatre, music and film.

The in-your-face ideological message blatantly lectures viewers that formalism, incomprehensible to the masses and therefore degenerate, is counterbalanced by socialist art that is directly connected to life, i.e. industrial design or works that present the ‘struggle of the proletariat’. Regardless of its socialist propaganda overtones, the film presents a very interesting portrait of this epoch.

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