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27th of July, 18:45
31th of July, 18:45
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A Walk in the Old City of Warsaw, Eroica. Con bravura, Polish National Newsreel 1956, no. 36 – Komeda and His Band, Polish National Newsreel 1959, no. 52 AB – The (Anti)celebratory Version
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krótkometrażówki Munka o codziennym życiu - może być ciekawie, jak tylko starczy czasu
~ courty
Genialny! Polecam.
~ Nutogama
One Sunday Morning. Scherzo
Niedzielny poranek. Scherzo
dir. Andrzej Munk / Poland 1955 / 19’
subtitles: English


Edinburgh IFF 1955 – Honorary Diploma; World Festival of Youth and Students, Warsaw 1955 – Gold Medal; Cultural and Documentary Film Week, Mannheim 1956 – Film Critics’ Award

Film description

The voiceover calls this a story about nothing, about nothing which you have not already seen on Sundays or on an everyday basis. A relationship between a bus driver and usherette provide pretext to film amusing situations experienced daily by public transport passengers. People get on and off the bus all day long (the director appears as a napping passenger), while the voiceover warmly and sardonically comments on the characteristically Varsovian cityscapes. Replete with brilliant play on words and associations, all further enhanced by the creative musical score, this artistic experiment remains an undated pleasure to watch.

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