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A Railwayman’s Word
Kolejarskie słowo
dir. Andrzej Munk / Poland 1953 / 22’
subtitles: English

Film description

In the everyday life of railway workers, Prompt arrival – an everyday thing. However, one must struggle diligently and sometimes make sacrifices on account of these everyday victories, we learn from the voiceover.

A crew of railwaymen agree to deliver an important coke shipment. Will they manage to keep their word despite the obstacles?

This is one of Munk’s most interesting social-realism documentaries, with profound insights, sensitivity to details, and tension established by masterful editing. Munk reduced voiceover to the maximum extent allowed and focused on the main characters – engine drivers who undertook the obligation. For Munk, this film was an important experience as a prelude to his Man on the Tracks (1956).

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