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opis raczej nie zachęca, lepiej skusić się na inne tytuły Munka
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jest na yt, ale w okrojonej wersji (49') - zwyczajna propagandowa laurka dla gornikow
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super, widziałem
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Gwiazdy muszą płonąć - liczy się kolektyw? ;)
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Stars Must Burn
Gwiazdy muszą płonąć
dir. Andrzej Munk, Witold Lesiewicz / Poland 1954 / 63’
subtitles: English


State Award Committee 1955 – Special Mention from

Film description

An example of Munk’s creative approach to film technique – this was his attempt to shatter the conventions of social realist documentary.

The stars of the title refer to lights placed above the gates of coalmines that had achieved 100% of the norms set out in their annual coal extraction plans. The star over the Zagórze mine’s gate has been extinguished. Although the norm was nearly met, it is common knowledge that the mine is dying – the coal is running out. The only hope is that the oldest deposits, known only from antiquated plans, have not been fully exhausted. But, in order to inspect them, it is necessary to pass through an abandoned shaft; the excursion carries fatal risks…

Propaganda fades into the background when faced with the dramatic tension that accompanies the perilous expedition and Munk marries this tension with a careful observation of the miners’ work. The director’s successful escape from propaganda into real life is encapsulated in such subtle details as the miners saluting each other with God bless, rather than the prescribed Greetings, comrade.

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