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Bowling for Columbine
dir. Michael Moore / USA, Canada, Germany 2002 / 120’
subtitles: Polish


Michael Moore, Charlton Heston, Marilyn Manson, George W. Bush


Oscar 2003 – best documentary feature, Cannes IFF 2002 – 55th Anniversary Prize, San Sebastián IFF 2002 – audience award, São Paulo IFF 2002 – audience award, Vancouver IFF 2002 - most popular film, Independent Spirit Awards 2003 – best documentary, César 2003 – best foreign film

Film description

Bowling for Columbine catapulted director Michael Moore to international fame. Moore had spent a decade finding himself after his award-winning documentary Roger and Me (1989). He produced award-winning television programs, tried shooting feature film comedies, and wrote articles and books attacking American corporations. He had acclaim in the Anglo-Saxon world, but became an international star with Bowling for Columbine.

Bowling for Columbine, an editorial on the downsides of the right to bear arms, has all of Moore’s qualities, good and bad. The theme is a current event, the director is on-screen providing ongoing commentary with his authentic enthusiasm and gregarious sense of humor. However, it also offers plenty of demagoguery and populist rhetoric. As a filmmaker and advocate, Moor has as many fans as detractors.

In 2002, Bowling for Columbine became the top grossing documentary ever, which shows the power of the subject (now topped by Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, 2004). In Moore’s case, the tone is as important as the theme. Few documentary filmmakers transmit such zeal, humor, and enthusiasm in films about the gravest topics. Complaints about his manipulative methods are well taken, as are criticisms of propaganda tactics, but it is indisputable that Moore draws audiences in and foments discussion. Isn’t the whole point of socially committed documentaries is to make sure the audience does not shrug off the subject matter?

Michał Chaciński

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