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mimo, że widziałam 20 razy.
~ hanai
film dialogu niewerbalnego
~ mawako
tak tak tak! obejrzę po raz 10000 :)
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już widzia
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niedawno widziałem, więc nie. Ale polecam!
~ m4ro
Lost in Translation
dir. Sofia Coppola / USA, Japan 2003 / 102’
subtitles: Polish

Information about director

Sofia Coppola

Born 1971 in New York, the youngest child of Francis Ford Coppola. Her acting debut came as an infant in her father’s films (e.g. in the baptism scene in the first Godfather). Sofia played her first role outside the family in Tim Burton’s film Frankenweenie (1984). Her best-known role is also the one she is most criticized for i.e. Mary Corleone in Godfather III (Golden Raspberry Award, 1990), after which she shunned acting. She debuted as a film director ten years later with the Virgin Suicides to mostly positive reviews. Her sophomore effort, Lost in Translation (2003), was the hit of the year making Coppola the third woman in history (and first American) nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director. Next film, Marie Antoiette, played to mixed reviews, but her latest work, Somewhere, won Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival.


1999 Przekleństwa niewinności / The Virgin Suicides

2003 Między słowami / Lost in Translation

2006 Maria Antonina / Marie Antoinette

2010 Somewhere


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