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Anything Else
dir. Woody Allen / USA, France, UK 2003 / 108’
subtitles: Polish

Information about director

Woody Allen

Real name: Allan Stewart Konigsberg, born in 1935 in New York. At age 15, he began selling jokes and stories to local papers and then moved into stand-up comedy until, in 1965, when he wrote the script for the film What’s New Pussycat. After a series of comedies, the biggest achievement of which was Annie Hall (1977), with box-office success and four Oscars, Allen surprised all with his change of tone and series of dramas. He has managed to satisfy critics and audiences with nearly every film through the end of the 1990s, while in the 2000s his films have been referred to as retreads. After parting ways with his producer and losing financing in the USA, Allen made several films in Europe. Some of them were a box-office hit and received the best reviews of any Allen film in years.

Selected filmography

1977 Annie Hall

1979 Manhattan

1986 Hannah i jej siostry / Hannah and Her Sisters

2003 Życie i cała reszta / Anything Else

2009 Co nas kręci, co nas podnieca / Whatever Works

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