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~ Michs
Anything Else
dir. Woody Allen / USA, France, UK 2003 / 108’
subtitles: Polish


Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci, Danny DeVito, Woody Allen, Fisher Stevens

Film description

The difficulty with Woody Allen’s films of the 2000s, especially for his fans, is that for these works to have a leg to stand on, they require consideration apart from the rest of his prior oeuvre. Allen thus completes the weakest decade of filmmaking in his career, though there were some bright spots. After the disappointment of Hollywood Ending (Allen’s worst film ever at the time, now supplanted by Cassandra’s Dream), Anything Else is a big improvement and attempt to modify slightly Allenesque themes.

The fundamental change concerns his main characters. The film follows the trials of two young people, the youngest pair in any Allen film. Here, the director ceases casting himself in increasingly implausible romances in favor of a humorous supporting role, observing the relationship of two twentysomethings. The pair is, of course, Allenesque and their dialogues and references are from the 1970s. It is extremely pleasant to watch Christina Ricci, sensually photographed by Darius Khondji, serving up Allen’s witty lines.

The film’s promotion avoided using Allen’s name, pushing the film as a romantic comedy with stars. On the one hand, it is a sign of how much Allen’s position has changed in America. On the other, there was no need to hedge bets, because Allen has nothing to hide from general audiences in Anything Else. He remains in good shape here as a screenwriter, actor, and director.

 Michał Chaciński

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