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Bardzo ciekawy i specyficzny film
~ Kasia.Julka
pierwsze zdanie opisu mówi wszystko o tym filmie... polecam
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
dir. Michel Gondry / USA 2004 / 108’
subtitles: Polish

Information about director

Michel Gondry

Born 1963 in France. Michel studied art in Paris. In college, he played percussion for the band Oui Oui and released two albums. Gondry directed the band’s music video, which was seen by Björk on MTV. She invited Gondry to shoot one of her videos, resulting in Human Behaviour, which received six nominations at the MTV awards and catapulted Gondry into directorial stardom. According to the Guinness World Book of Records, his Levi’s 501 Drugstore spot holds the record for Most awards won by a TV commercial. He owes his film career, to a large degree, to Charlie Kaufman, one of the most original screenwriters of the decade. Gondry’s debut, Human Nature, written by Kaufman, received mixed reviews, but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where the two collaborated on the story, is a genuine hit. 

Selected filmography

2001 Wojna plemników / Human Nature

2004 Zakochany bez pamięci / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2006 Jak we śnie / La science des rêves / The Science of Sleep

2008 Ratunku! Awaria / Be Kind Rewind

2009 Cień w sercu / L’épine dans le coeu / The Thorn in the Heart (dok. / doc.)


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