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awan narracja, relatywizm
~ sim.gishel
Solondz nakręcił film o drażliwym temacie,seks z nieletnimi, aborcja, samobójstwo, morderstwo, molestowanie... nastoletnią bohaterkę gra tutaj ósemka różnych aktorów
~ mnemmosyne
dir. Todd Solondz / USA 2004 / 100’
subtitles: Polish


Matthew Faber, Angela Pietropinto, Bill Buell, Ellen Barkin, Emani Sledge, Valerie Shusterov, Richard Masur

Film description

Todd Solondz’s film denudes the conventions to which films, especially American films, have been cow towing to, in an attempt to turn them inside out. He avoids simple moral judgments, one-dimensional characters, and clean plots where all the loose ends neatly tie up. Solondz is an absolute relativist who understands everyone in life has their own motivations and a definitive judgment on another’s actions is pointless because we never know the whole story.

Palindromes is about controversial topics usually reserved for discussions on morality and law, with key words including sex with minors, abortion, suicide, and molestation. Solondz deprives us of the moral point of reference to hinder judgment. Each time we seem to reach conclusions about characters, he shows us an aspect that forces re-examination of that judgment, making us aware of our schematic thinking.

The film takes a unique formal approach, with eight different actors playing the lead (a teenage female), while the actors include adults and a boy. Solondz achieves something exceptional, by disconnecting the situation of his character from her gender, age, appearance, and class. He presents the issue in abstract form while forcing audiences to confront a specific problem. Do not make plans after the screening – Palindromes demands discussion.

Michał Chaciński


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