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Mulholland Dr.
dir. David Lynch / France, USA 2001 / 147’
subtitles: Polish

Information about director

David Lynch

Born 1946 in Missoula, Montana. His debut, Eraserhead, received mixed reviews but became a cult classic. Lynch’s fans include Stanley Kubrick and Mel Brooks – the latter produced his Elephant Man to the tune of eight Oscar nominations. Lynch rejected offers to direct conventional films (e.g. Return of the Jedi) seeking his own form of expression instead. His Dune was a production nightmare, but the titillating Blue Velvet assured Lynch his place in the pantheon of auteur filmmakers. Twin Peaks, the Lynch directed TV series, gave rise to a new era of television, and his successive films have influenced numerous artists throughout the world.

Selected filmography

1977 Głowa do wycierania / Eraserhead

1980 Człowiek słoń / Elephant Man

1986 Blue Velvet

1990 Dzikość serca / Wild at Heart

1997 Zagubiona autostrada / Lost Highway

2001 Mulholland Drive / Mulholland Dr.

2006 Inland Empire

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