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Wciągający zwiastun.
~ galfer82
Z opisu niewiele tu wynika, ale to świetny, przejmujący film o problemach młodego chłopaka. Film nietypowy jak na kino amerykańskie - warto!.
~ egold
Paranoid Park
dir. Gus Van Sant / USA, France 2007 / 85’
subtitles: Polish


Gabe Nevins, Daniel Liu, Jake Miller, Taylor Momsen


Cannes IFF 2007 – 60th Anniversary Prize, Independent Spirit Awards 2007 – best producer, Boston Society of Film Critics 2008 – best director, best cinematography

Film description

Paranoid Park is exemplary of the new language director Gus Van Sant created in his films over the last decade and the most accessible of his new films. We follow events in the life of a young man, who has something to do with a murder.

Van Sant’s latest films do not seem scripted, following one of the key trends of new millennial cinema, where the camera seems to record characters as if by chance, often giving the impression that the inexact production reflects spur of the moment ‘real’ events. A cast of unknown actors off the street, who the director found through MySpace, furthers the illusion. However, the director shirks from the ‘New Realism’ of filmmakers like the Dardenne brothers. Van Sant’s involvement is visible at the level of precognitive editing, which leaves no doubt we are watching a carefully constructed subjective vision.

Each of Van Sant’s films this decade demands discussion and begs the question: what was it about? The answer is never simple, but not impossible. One interpretation of Paranoid Park may be that it is Van Sant’s criticism of passivity, trying to force people into an action by suggesting apathy is harmful. In a world where we increasingly want to cut ourselves off from the idiotic behavior of politicians, throw the TV out the window and shut everything out, Van Sant warns us that it is not the way.

Michał Chaciński

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