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30th of July, 19:00
31th of July, 10:00
Shown in Anja Breien - shorts 3 with:
To See a Boat at Sail, Untitled, Yezidi
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jak starczy czasu, 'charakterystycznych dla siebie, zamrożonych w bezruchu, malarskich kadrach opowiada enigmatyczną historię bez tytułu, bez słowa.'
~ courty
dir. Anja Breien / Norway 2009 / 7’
subtitles: no dialogs

Film description

A cinematic epic poem consisting of static pictures and deprived of any commentary, which presents the demolition of four old greenhouses in the famous Botanical Garden of the Natural History Museum in Oslo. In 2014 this experimental garden, the pride of Tøyen, one of the central districts of the capital city, will celebrate its 200th anniversary which brought about the changes in its image. Anja Breien regards the picturesque ruins, which have served as an asylum for plants for many years, as a metaphor of transitoriness. She narrates the story of a world disappearing in the name of progress. She ponders upon whether ‘modernisation’, a key to the 20th century, is currently rather a destructive anachronism in the face of which we are helpless. The greenhouse will be replaced by a modern architectonic construction combining advanced technology with original design.

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