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Wives III
Hustruer III
dir. Anja Breien / Norway 1996 / 76’
subtitles: Polish and English


Anne Marie Ottersen, Frøydis Armand, Katja Medbøe

Film description

Anja Breien continues her cinematic meditation on time and the female nature, which she shows to be both kind and cruel for women over 50. Kaja is about to celebrate her 50th birthday on May 17, which is also Norway’s biggest national holiday. Kaja, now divorced, still runs her antique shop, but her aging mother is suffering from dementia and her lover is psychologically unstable. Mie, despondent in the previous film, has now taken control of her life, completed her education to become a school director and has married; yet she is terrified of losing it all. Heidrun has just begun writing a novel and is living out Mie’s fantasies by living with two men with whom she is engaged in a love triangle.

After 20 years, the characters are still unceasingly searching for meaning in their lives. They find love and satisfaction, but also fear and helplessness. The director may well have continued the series about Norwegian wives if it wasn’t for tragic and mysterious death of Katja Medbøe who played Kaja in the three films. After the actress disappeared without a trace in December 1996, her body was found only several months later in the Nordmarka forest near Oslo.

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