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Twice Upon a Time
dir. Anja Breien / Norway, Denmark, Sweden 1990 / 92’
subtitles: Polish and English


Sven Wollter, Kjersti Holmen, Ghita Nørby

Film description

In Twice Upon a Time, Jan Strøm, a middle-aged Casanova who has lost his touch with women – but loves all the world’s women all the same, is the modern perfect seducer who has never been on the wrong side of a breakup, must now face his own myth. His painfully newfound love for his wife, who has left him for another man, is driving him crazy. Faced with the end, his jealousy and loneliness lead to obsession.

Thick with emotion and oscillating between dream and reality, Breien subtly presents a tale of a difficult encounter between powerful forces. In their search for fulfillment the protagonists trade cultural gender roles, repelling and attracting each other with equal and unmitigated force, building their world from vestiges, memories, lyrical codes, places, words and objects shown through the beautiful cinematography of Philip Øgaard. Breien seems to intimate that love and madness are two roads to transformation, while her characters travel both at once.

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