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chyba- średniowiecze i zniewolona przez patriarchat kobiecość
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W końcu średniowiecze kocham!
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sredniowiecze, norwegia. hm
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ciekawe... 'Niezależna, oskarżona o czary Eli Laupstad reprezentuje zniewoloną przez patriarchat kobiecość, jej historia jest też symbolicznym odbiciem historii kraju poddanego represjom obcego porządku. '
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być może...
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The Witch Hunt
dir. Anja Breien / Norway, Sweden 1981 / 93’
subtitles: Polish and English


Lil Terselius, Bjørn Skagestad, Anita Björk, Erik Mørk, Ella Hval, Mona Jacobsen, Eilif Armand


Venice IFF 1981 – Special Mention, Best Actress

Film description

Anja Breien’s films are often associated with a neo-medieval trend in modern Norwegian cinema. Umberto Eco claims that for Western culture the Middle Ages are as important as early childhood for human development. To understand a modern civilization, its problems and doubts, we should go back to the Middle Ages, much like during a therapy session. Other directors seem to agree with Eco on the need to explore the period, including Nils Gaup in Pathfinder (1987), Liv Ullmann with Kristin Lavransdatter (1995) and Anja Breien in her debut short Growing Up (1967), later expanded into the feature-length Trollsyn (1994) directed by Ola Solum (Breien wrote the script). The heroine is an adolescent girl from the medieval legend of Maren Larsdotter Laupstad, who is the only one to survive a plague in 14th century Norway, (the plague opened the gates for Danish conquest). In The Witch Hunt, the director continues this story, where the independent Eli Laupstad is accused of witchcraft. The girl represents femininity enslaved by the patriarchy and her story also reflects that of Norway under the foreign yoke.


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