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25th of July, 18:45
27th of July, 12:45
Shown in Jack Smith: Performance Films with:
Hot Air Specialists, Kino ’74, Midnight at the Plaster Foundation, Sinbad of Baghdad
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jak będzie czas...
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chyba absurd dla dominia, ale dla mnie samej nie do konca.
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I Was a Male Yvonne De Carlo
dir. Jack Smith / USA 1967–1970 (1998) / 28’
subtitles: no dialogs


Jack Smith, Ondine, Mario Montez

Film description

Shot mainly during the late ‘60s and edited (or re-edited) a decade or more later, I Was a Male Yvonne De Carlo is one of several films and slide-shows in which Jack Smith presents himself as a mock celebrity. The movie opens with the excerpt from No President originally called Marsh Gas of Flatulandia – several minutes of black and white footage of steam escaping from manholes segues to an interior scene of various creatures emerging from dry ice vapors – then shifts to color to show the filmmaker, clad in a leopard-skin jumpsuit, attended by a nurse as he sits amidst the detritus of the Plaster Foundation (Smith’s duplex loft cum performing space). Smith waits under the visible movie lights, drumming his fingers. A fan presents him with a black-and white glamour shot (Smith in profile, posed with a sinuous dagger) to autograph as Warhol superstar Ondine, dressed entirely in black leather, snaps his picture. Violence erupts as the nurse takes out a whip to discipline the fans. When a female creature pulls out the same dagger depicted in the glamour shot, Smith shakes the weapon from her hand. The action is post-scripted with footage of a steam shovel patrolling the rubble where a 14th Street movie palace once stood.

J. Hoberman / Live Film! Jack Smith!

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