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college porno przed snem
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Kaboom to hit tegorocznego festiwalu Cannes, określany jako karkołomna mieszanka Buffy, Twin Peaks i Donniego Darko
~ krzysiek_slejw
Halucynogenna kombinacja filmu SF oraz college’owego porno w wersji hetero- i homoseksualnej, wzbogacona elementami magicznymi
~ mnemmosyne
dir. Gregg Araki / USA, France 2010 / 86’
subtitles: Polish


Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett, Juno Temple, James Duval, Chris Zylka, Andy Fischer-Price, Kelly Lynch, Brennan Mejia, Carlo Mendez


Cannes IFF 2010 – Queer Palm

Film description

Kaboom, the latest production from Gregg Araki, is a hallucinogenic combination of sci-fi with elements of magic, college gay and straight porn, a touch of surrealism, served on a bed of conspiracy theory with a side of fabulously artificial dialogues that only low-budget flicks can offer. The New Queer Cinema classic director returns with a feature that blows readers minds like an atom bong. The story is both simple and complex in presenting the trials of a 19-year-old student who undresses (with his eyes and hands) beautiful boys and tempting girls, while unusual things go on in the background: bodies disappear, murderers abound with animal masks, and wiccans terrorize their ex-girlfriends in a delirious and sexy old school festival of excess. Kaboom is the hit of this year’s Cannes Festival, reviewed as a break-neck mix of Buffy, Twin Peaks and Donni Darko.

Ewa Szabłowska

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