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The Birth of a Nation
dir. David Wark Griffith / USA 1915 / 125’
subtitles: Polish

Information about director

David Wark Griffith

Born in 1875 in Kentucky, as the son of a Confederate colonel, heroic war stories and southern mythology accompanied Griffith until he left the family home at age 22. Initially seeking work in theater without much success, he joined the film industry. In 1908–1913, Griffith made over 450 short films for Biograph. Gradually extending the length of his films, he parted ways with Biograph and made the watershed The Birth of a Nation (1915) with his own production company, turning it into his biggest box-office success. Beginning with the monumental Intolerance (1916), his films’ receipts began declining, and, after a series of failures in the 1920s, he quit filmmaking. Griffith died in Los Angeles in 1948.

Selected filmography

1908 Przygody Dollie / The Adventures of Dollie (kr. m. / short)

1914 Judyta z Betulii / Judith of Bethulia

1915 Narodziny narodu / The Birth of a Nation

1916 Nietolerancja / Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages

1919 Złamana lilia / Broken Blossoms

1920 Męczennica miłości / Way Down East

1921 Dwie sieroty / Orphans of the Storm

1931 Walka / The Struggle

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