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Talking Heads!
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Talking Heads!
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Gadające głowy, no chyba trzeba...
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Ride, Rise, Roar
dir. Hillman Curtis / USA 2010 / 87’
subtitles: Polish


David Byrne, Brian Eno, Mark Degli Antoni, Lily Baldwin, Layla Childs, Paul Frazier, Red Ray Frazier, Graham Hawthorne, Kaissa, Natalie Kuhn

Film description

David Byrne is a living legend. In 1974, with Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison and Tina Weymouth, he founded Talking Heads. Before disbanding in 1991, the group became an icon of new wave, with the albums produced with Brian Eno, More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978), Fear of Music (1979) and Remain in Light (1980), considered some of the genre’s best. In his solo career Byrne continued cooperation with Brian Eno, producing, among others, the brilliant album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

Ride, Rise, Roar is a feature-length documentary shot during Byrne’s 2008/2009 tour in support of the album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, yet another project with Eno. The concerts are a mix of the best of Talking Heads and Byrne’s solo material with Byrne as the film’s focus – a volcano of energy despite his 50 years of age, supported during the shows by hypnotizing ballet-like choreography. In addition to concert footage, the director provides an interesting mix of interviews with nearly everyone involved in the tour. The backstage collage takes nothing away from the pulsing energy of Ride, Rise, Roar. This is not another musicomentary full of boring interviews – it’s a kinetic kick of sound.

Ewa Szabłowska

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