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Helios 7
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Helios 7
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łącząca różne style i konwencje. Są tu elementy filmu noir, krótkie animowane fragmenty i sporo świetnie wmontowanych materiałów dokumentalnych.
~ sim.gishel
noir animacja dokument
~ krzysiek_slejw
Night Catches Us
dir. Tanya Hamilton / USA 2010 / 90’
subtitles: Polish


Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Jamie Hector, Wendell Pierce, Jamara Griffin, Novella Nelson, Tariq Trotter, Thomas Roy, Ron Simons

Film description

After years of mysterious absence, Marcus returns to Philadelphia. It is 1976, a year of social upheaval, continued civil rights strife and the presidency of Jimmy Carter. The only people not surprised by Marcus’ return are his old friend Patricia and her 10-year-old daughter, Iris. Activists of the Black Movement, to which Marcus used to belong, suspect him of a conspiracy against their members. Things get complicated as we learn Marcus has information that may be explosive for the black community.

Night Catches Us is a stylishly filmed story that brings together various styles and genres, such as elements of noir, brief animated fragments, and exquisitely edited archive materials. Director Tanya Hamilton captures the percolating changes of the 1970s and accompanying social fervor. The film maintains focus, however, on the individual conflict playing out between characters, especially between Marcus and Patricia, with bold acting that is a perfect vehicle for the ideological dilemmas and questions that always accompany social emancipation.

Samuel Nowak

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