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rzyganie od serca w oparach alkoholu - brzmi znajomo
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rzyganie od serca
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rzygający pan od wf-u ( Kevin Smith)
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Nie cierpię scen rzygania!
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One Too Many Mornings
dir. Michael Mohan / USA 2010 / 90’
subtitles: Polish


Stephen Hale, Anthony Deptula, Tina Kapousis, Jonathan Shockley, Jeanette Baity, V.J. Foster, William Freeman, Libby West


Nashville FF 2010 – jury prize for new directors, best actor

Film description

Fischer can’t remember a morning without a hangover, and to underscore that the film opens with a vivid heaving vomiting scene. Cut and Fischer vomits again, this time hitting an eight-year-old, one of his students, because when he is not drinking and partying, Fischer is a PE teacher. During one of the lessons, Peter, an old high school buddy shows up. They haven’t seen each other in a few years, but Peter’s girlfriend cheated on him, so he’s come to treat his broken heart with booze and one night stands with Fischer. Partying is what Fischer does best – it does not matter with who or where, as long as it’s hardcore. In fact, he has no other goals or ambitions. Vulgar and absurd dialogues, infantile and insolent characters ‘going with the flow,’ mean One Too Many Mornings is reminiscent of films by Kevin Smith. The difference is that the black and white Clerks was raw and rough, while Michael Mohan’s debut is aesthetic. The elegantly composed shots, excellent rhythm, and great editing make One Too Many Mornings a standout coming-of-age comedy. All the more so, because the boys in question technically grew up a long time ago.

Ewa Szabłowska

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