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Zabriskie Point
dir. Michelangelo Antonioni / USA 1970 / 110’
subtitles: Polish

Information about director

Michelangelo Antonioni

Born 1912 in Ferrara, died 2007 in Rome. Italian director and screenwriter. Antonioni studied business and economics in Bologna and later directing in Rome. Initially, he was a newspaper film critic. He made some short documentaries and, in 1950, debuted with a melodrama, Story of a Love Affair. World fame came with The Adventure (1960) – booed at Cannes and… awarded the Golden Palm and Jury Prize. Other films about loneliness and emotional atrophy followed: The Night (1961), Eclipse (1962), Red Desert (1964). In 1966, Antonioni received the Golden Palm for Blowup. He did not stop making films even after suffering a stroke in 1985 that took his speech and partially paralyzed him, shooting Beyond the Clouds with Wim Wenders in 1995.

Selected filmography

1950 Kronika pewnej miłości / Cronaca di un amore / Story of a Love Affair

1957 Krzyk / Il grido / The Cry

1960 Przygoda / L’avventura / The Adventure

1961 Noc / La notte / The Night

1962 Zaćmienie / L’eclisse / Eclipse

1966 Powiększenie / Blowup

1970 Zabriskie Point

1975 Zawód: reporter / Professione: reporter / The Passenger

1995 Po tamtej stronie chmur / Al di là delle nuvole / Beyond the Clouds

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