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21th of July, 22:00
Helios 6
23th of July, 13:00
Helios 6
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~ Octahedron
jestem bardzo ciekaw tego filmu :-)
~ fleder
homo- i trans-, problemy z określeniem gender - jestem na tak
~ wks
Bohaterami Open są osoby homo- i transseksualne, Transseksualni bohaterowie są filmowani w pustych przestrzeniach, wśród opustoszałych budynków, w plątaninie niekończących się dróg i torów
~ mnemmosyne
Dziwne, ale ciekawe... o transseksualistach i gender.
~ galfer82
~ krzysiek_slejw
wytrzymałam 43 minuty na pokazie w Berlinie. zdecydowanie za długo
~ miu_miu
dir. Jake Yuzna / USA 2010 / 90’
subtitles: Polish


Gaea Gaddy, Tempest Crane, Morty Diamond, Daniel Leudtuke, Andy Scott Harris, Jendeen Forberg


Berlin IFF 2010 – Teddy Award

Film description

Jake Yuzny’s film crashes through boundaries not yet approached by cinema. Homo and transsexual characters make it impossible for viewers to define their gender identities while Yuzna plays with pandrogyny, a theme popularized by musician Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Pandrogyny is the crossing of gender lines in an attempt to create a hermaphroditic being, chiefly through surgical and medical means. Though P-Orridge does not appear in the film, he is credited as a consultant, and the story of the relationship between Gen and Jaye likely directly references his/her life with partner Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge.

Yuzna chooses a poetic, subtle, and unhurried form with transsexual characters occupying empty spaces, wandering among abandoned buildings and tentacles of never ending roads and rail lines. Their journey always has an external dimension, even when only cruising aimlessly throughout the city. The images evoke Edward Hopper’s paintings, with characters alienated by leviathan spaces struggling to defeat consuming emptiness and isolation.

Anna Taszycka

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