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The Two Escobars
dir. Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist / USA, Colombia 2010 / 100’
subtitles: Polish and English


Andrés Escobar, Pablo Escobar, Carlos „Pibe” Valderrama, César Gaviria, Faustino Asprilla, Alias Popeye, María Ester Escobar

Film description

The 1994 World Cup is historic not for sporting achievements, but for the murder of Andrés Escobar, defender for the Colombian national team, who accidentally shot his own goal in the elimination round. Andrés’ death was the watershed in a brutal civil war between the Colombian government supported by the United States and drug cartel warlords.

The film is a tale of two protagonists named Escobar – both born in the same city, both soccer fanatics whose deaths are inextricably entwined in the marriage of sports, politics, and dirty money. Andrés, called the gentleman of the field, was the team captain and became the symbol of the rebirth of Colombian soccer. Meanwhile, Pablo, the boss of the country’s largest drug cartel, lionized by its poorest citizens, contributed to the meteoric rise in the quality of soccer, while also leading to its ultimate downfall.

In their enthralling documentary, the Zimbalist brothers go behind the scenes of those events to analyze connections between soccer and the drug business, they delve deep into the secret activities of huge drug cartels, their impact on politics and sport, which, to Colombians, became a reflection of the entire societal struggle against poverty and violence. The fates of the Escobars intertwine in a fascinating story that goes far beyond sports and mafia, which ‘The New York Times’ called the most ambitious film of the Tribeca Film Festival and the ‘Huffington Post’ anointed a Shakespearean saga.

Aleksandra Wirkowska

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