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jak starczy czasu...
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The Uneventful Story
Nieciekawa historia
dir. Wojciech Jerzy Has / Poland 1982 / 106’
subtitles: Polish and English


Gustaw Holoubek, Hanna Mikuć, Anna Milewska, Elwira Romańczuk, Marek Bargiełowski, Janusz Gajos, Janusz Michałowski, Władysław Dewoyno, Ewa Frąckiewicz, Jan Konieczny, Włodzimierz Musiał, Jerzy Zygmunt Nowak, Leszek Żentara, Jacek Głowacki

Film description

With this work, Has returns to the intimate vision of film characteristic for his early career. Even its title The Uneventful Story may be a challenge for its audience. The director suggests that the audience will encounter a story which may be uninteresting. This leaves us with a question of the sense of this project.  

 The Uneventful Story depicts an aging professor of medicine, played by Gustaw Holoubek. Passing and death are among crucial themes of Has’s films, and this is why this film was often compared to The Noose or Write and Fight. In this case the explored theme is enriched by the introduction of the main character’s internal monologue, from which we learn that, despite many professional successes and satisfaction in his family life, he failed. Never did he manage to experience such feelings as joy, love or freedom. The film is in fact a treatise about a failed life, about defeat acclaimed as a great success. And finally, this is a story about loneliness and alienation, especially painful at the end of life.

Iwona Grodź

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