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Gold Dreams
dir. Wojciech Jerzy Has / Poland 1961 / 91’
subtitles: Polish and English


Władysław Kowalski, Krzysztof Chamiec, Barbara Krafftówna, Zdzisław Maklakiewicz, Adam Pawlikowski, Elżbieta Czyżewska, Aleksander, Wojciech Siemion, Halina Dobrucka, Tadeusz Fijewski, Tadeusz Kalinowski, Jan Kobuszewski, Danuta Korolewicz, Krzysztof Litwin

Film description

The plot of Gold Dreams is focused on the adventures of a young boy – Kazik (Władysław Kowalski), who arrives unexpectedly at coal strip mine. The excavation is a home for miners and people who came for money and adventure. Among them, there is an engineer, the geologist, Piotr (Krzysztof Chamiec), who is fatally ill with tuberculosis. It is Piotr who helps Kazik find a job and becomes his friend. He exposes also the reason for Kazik’s strange behaviour – the boy is hiding because he believes he caused a car crash in the past. The fear of imagined consequences of the crash makes Kazik balance on the verge of the real and the imagined. Torn between a desire to understand the world and closing himself inside his imagination, he functions between anxiety and bravado.

Gold Dreams is a piece which surprises the audience with the nature of the created reality. It seemingly matches the formula which may be associated with production film and yet it is a psychological tragicomedy about a young man searching for his place in the world. It is also a metaphor based on literary and romantic motifs (soil, mine, gold). This is an example of the poetic vision of cinema, characteristic of Wojciech Has.
Marcin Maron

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