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The People vs. George Lucas
dir. Alexandre O. Philippe / USA, UK 2010 / 93’
subtitles: Polish


Ahmed Best, David Brin, Matt Cohen, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Neil Gaiman, Brian Comerford, Michael Cornacchia, Frankie Frain, Chris Gore, Peter Hanson, Ray Harryhausen

Film description

Episode IV of George Lucas’ Stars Wars saga premiered in 1977, with its galaxy of brave knights, princesses, Imperial storm troopers, various races and species. That galaxy welcomed ranks of fans that began to live in the universe Lucas hath begot onto them. About twenty years later, the director began toying with the original to improve it, evoking fans’ angry murmurs, to ultimately produce a prequel, a new trilogy that upset the order and harmony of in which the fans happily existed.

Alexandre O. Philippe gives voice to fans of Stars Wars unable to forgive Lucas for seizing and trampling universal reality, which, in their minds, had ceased being his sole property. In reporting the conflict between the filmmaker and fans with unusual humor and perspective, the director asks a question of utter importance in the age of pop culture: what is the artist-audience relationship when that audience ceases to be a passive consumer, becoming instead a stakeholder in the work’s meaning, assuming the right to interfere with the work, comment on it, adapt it to its own need and, ultimately, manipulate it. The People vs. George Lucas uses a non-pretentious and humorous style to touch the essence of the emancipation of the audience, with its increasingly bold assertions to symbolically control the artist.

Albert Jawłowski

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