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31 Aug 10
Parnassus by Terry Gilliam available on dvd

The latest film by Terry Gilliam Parnassus, the director's best "cash office hit" in Poland, has just become available on dvd. Parnassus is an extraordinary meeting of great stars: Heath Ledger in his last role, accompanied on the screen by Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Jude Law and Tom Waits as the devil himself. This is an epic adventure filled with special effects, situated somewhere in the borderland between fantasy and dark tale.

Doctor Parnassus journeys around the world with his travelling theatre "Imaginarium". Each spectacle takes the audience on an incredible trip to the world of imagination, dreams and fears. But Parnassus has a dark secret, which will force him to fight with the devil. His daughter's life is at stake...

Parnassus will be available in two versions: the basic version with the film itself and the two-dvd collection edition which will be a true feast for those who love the talents of Gilliam, Heath Ledger and other artist of the film. The other dvd will include almost 100 minutes of additional material showing behind the scenes of the production, interviews with the director and actors, as well as their visit to the Camerimage festival in Łódź.

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