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27 Aug 10
Honorary Oscar for Godard!

The American Film Academy awarded an honorary Oscar to Jean-Luc Godard, one of the greatest and most consistent critics of Hollywood. What will Godard do? The first polls have appeared on film portals. Will he accept it? Will he refuse? Will he take the opportunity to comment on the futility of American entertainment cinema and the Hollywood production machine once again?

In his book Godard. Pasaże Paweł Mościcki wrote - "In Godard's opinion one of the disasters of cinema is that after the war it sold its treasure to the power of Hollywood, the Babylon of cinema, which transformed the unique language of images into a tool of the global spread of infantilism. Thanks to the invention of cinema, man had an opportunity to recognise himself in his own image, projecting the image of himself to the world he watches with others. Instead, he created another machine for symbolic dominance."

Three books about Godard, published by Korporacja Ha!art and the NH Festival are now available in all bookshops in Poland: Pasja. Filmy Jean-Luca Godarda by Ewa Mazierska, Godard. Pasaże by Paweł Mościcki and Godard - Sejsmograf by Grzegorz Królikiewicz. Each has its own way of commenting on Godard's relationship with Hollywood - from fascination to passionate criticism.

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