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NY Export: Opus Jazz reż. Jody Lee Lipes, Henry JoostNY Export: Opus Jazz reż. Jody Lee Lipes, Henry Joost
23 Sep 10
Jody Lee Lipes' magnetic duos

Remember this name: Jody Lee Lipes (born 1982) is a screenwriter, director and cinematographer from New York, one of the 25 new faces of the American new wave, which has already flooded the market. His first film (and debut as a director) is a documentary entitled Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same, dedicated to the controversial conceptual artist from NY, Brock Enright, preparing his first solo exhibition. Jody Lee Lipes was also cinematographer for other important new wave authors: he shot Afterschool for Antonio Campos, Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell for Matt Wolf as well as for two films screened at the 1st AFF, competing for the audience award in the Spectrum section: Two Gates of Sleep by Alistair Banks Griffin and Tiny Furniture by Lena Dunham.

This is what Urszula Śniegowska wrote about Two Gates of Sleep: "In Griffin's film, the expressionistic editing and the ingenious cinematography by the young Jody Lee Lipes from New York enhance the movie's emotional impact, despite the overall frugality of expression (a very simple plot and a minimum amount of dialogue). One American reviewer described Griffin's movie as 'one of the more artful films at an already incredibly artful festival [Cannes 2010].' No better recommendation can possibly be given."

This time once more as a director, Jody Lee Lipes teamed up with Henry Joost to shoot NY Export: Opus Jazz, which we are going to watch at the 1st AFF in the On The Edge section which opens up new horizons. This is a movie adaptation of the cult 1958 "ballet in sneakers" by Jerome Robbins, an innovative music show setting new trends at the time. The original choreography was kept in NY Export: Opus Jazz, but individual scenes were given a unique setting: the dancers take over a deserted stadium and basketball court, a school gym and some waste land overgrown with weeds, to finally reach a huge old-fashioned theater. It is still New York City, seen from the less stately, not-so-obvious side, yet still stunningly picturesque.

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Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same

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