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Seymour Cassel, Faces, dir. John CassavetesSeymour Cassel, Faces, dir. John Cassavetes
28 Sep 10

John Cassavetes' friend and favourite actor Seymour Cassel is going to visit Wroclaw on occasion of the retrospective; Mr Cassel is a legend of American cinema (both indie and Hollywood). He started his career in independent moviemaking as an actor, but also as producer and cinematographer for Cassavetes. He was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Faces, and also appeared in Shadows, Minnie and Moskowitz, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Opening Night.

Alistair Banks Griffin, a young British artist who works in America will also visit us; he directed and wrote the script for Two Gates of Sleep, appreciated at Deauville and Cannes.

The author of the famous Decasia, experimental filmmaker Bill Morrison also said he would pay us a visit. Our On the Edge section will feature his new found footage project, Spark of Being, a nostalgic treatise on the nature of creation, with music written by Dave Douglas. The starting point here is the story of Doctor Frankenstein and his monster that gets out of hand. Morrison digs up some rotting and damaged pieces of film, sticks them together and thus gives them life.

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