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24 Sep 10
American Film Masters – Polish Poster Masters

American Film Masters – Polish Poster Masters

exhibition from the Collection of Contemporary Culture of Wrocław and the Department of Social Documents of the Ossolińskich National Museum

Wrocław, Market Square, north wall, October 18–30, 2010

The American Film Masters – Polish Poster Masters is a collision of two worlds – Hollywood cinema, which appeals to the mass sensitivity with highly refined graphic design freed from the yoke of market mechanisms. The effects are often surprising, as they have been so frequently for Western audiences, and are sure to provide contemporary visitors, whether Polish or foreign, plenty of inspiration.

As noted by Jan Lenica, one of the leading and best-known Polish designers in the West: Polish poster design, which became wildly popular in the world because it is so ‘different,’ was original because we were cut off from that very world; the posters looked like nothing else at the time, because we knew so little, we worked on our own.

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