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24th of July, 18:45
26th of July, 18:45
Shown in Jack Smith – shorts 1 with:
Overstimulated, Scotch Tape, The Yellow Sequence
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być może...
~ psubrat
"flaming creatures" i "tasme klejaca" - dwa najwazniejsze - mozna zobaczyc w domu
~ blyszczacyszesciostrzal
Flaming Creatures
dir. Jack Smith / USA 1963 / 43’
subtitles: Polish


Frances Francine, Sheila Bick, Joel Markman, Mario Montez (as Delores Flores)


Fifth Independent Film Award 1963

Film description

Appearing ex nihilo in early 1963 and banned in New York City a year later, Flaming Creatures proposed an entirely new form of cine-glamour-one that owed everything and nothing to Hollywood’s. This discontinuous, 43-minute succession of ‘exotic’ tableaux is a cross between Josef von Sternberg at his most studiedly artistic and a delirious home-movie of a transvestite bacchanal-except that ‘transvestite’ is not precisely the word for Smith’s gang of Arabian odalisques, Spanish dancers, blonde vampires, and sultry beatniks (half naked, some real women). At once primitive and sophisticated, hilarious and poignant, spontaneous and studied, frenzied and languid, crude and delicate, avant and nostalgic, gritty and fanciful, fresh and faded, innocent and jaded, high and low, raw and cooked, underground and camp, black and white and white-on-white, composed and decomposed, richly perverse and gloriously impoverished, Flaming Creatures was something new under the sun. Had Jack Smith produced nothing other than this amazing artefact, he would still rank among the great visionaries of American Film.

J. Hoberman / Live Film! Jack Smith!*

* Festival catalogue: Live Film! Jack Smith!, **Five** Flaming Days in a Rented World!, Berlin, 28th October – 1st November 2009. Festival organised by Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst und am HAU/Hebbel am Ufer

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