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Gone with the Wind
dir. Victor Fleming / USA 1939 / 224’
subtitles: Polish

Information about director

Victor Fleming

Born in 1883 in Pasadena, California and died in 1949 in Cottonwood. He began his show-business career as a stuntman, to later become a camera operator for Douglas Fairbanks films. Fleming directed his first film in 1919 and became one of the most esteemed and wide-ranging Hollywood artisans. He directed great actors such as Emil Jannings (in her Oscar-winning role in Way of All Flesh), Gary Cooper (The Virginian), Jean Harlow (Platinum Blonde), Spencer Tracy (Oscar for Captains Courageous), Vivien Leigh (Oscar for Gone with the Wind). Fleming reached the nadir of his career in 1939, the year two of his most acclaimed films premiered: The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind. Interestingly, in both cases, he was called in to replace other directors fired by producers.

Selected filmography

1919 When the Clouds Roll By

1927 Niepotrzebny człowiek / The Way of All Flesh

1932 Platynowa blondynka / Platinum Blonde

1934 Wyspa skarbów / Treasure Island

1937 Bohaterowie morza / Captains Courageous

1939 Czarnoksiężnik z krainy Oz / The Wizard of Oz

1939 Przeminęło z wiatrem / Gone with the Wind

1941 Doktor Jekyll i pan Hyde / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1948 Joanna d’Arc / Joan of Arc


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